About MTAM

The Marine Trades Association of Maryland (MTAM), founded in 1972, is comprised of nearly 400 marine related businesses. We are a non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting the recreational marine industry and the preservation of the waterways on which our businesses rely.

The MTAM Board is a diverse group representing all aspects of the industry as well as all geographic areas of the State. The members of the Board work hard to understand the issues impacting the marine industry in Maryland, taking a fair and balanced approach in our positions.


MTAM is an advocacy group for the whole of Maryland’s marine industry, with a goal to assist its members while promoting growth within the industry across the state. This includes a commitment to the health and growth of marine trades in Maryland through workforce development through training programs and other opportunities.

Our Impact

Assuming the role of advocate and the voice of the recreational boating industry on regulations and Maryland laws is an essential part of the mission and purpose of the MTAM. We review more than 2,000 bills each year during the Maryland General Assembly and typically take action on more than 50 bills.

About MTAM

Board of Directors

    • President
      John Norton
      – Annapolis Harbor Boatyard –
    • Treasurer
      Scott Tinkler
      – Port Annapolis Marina –
    • Secretary
      John Stefancik
      – Chesapeake Bay Magazine –
    • Vice President – AA
      David Williams
      – MESCO –
    • Vice President – BaltCo
      Jim High
      – Baltimore Boating Center –
    • Vice President – EaS
      Elliot Anderson
      – Hinckley Yacht Service –
    • Vice President – SoMD
      Will Richards
      – Spring Cove Marina –
    • Vice President – UB
      Ken Long
      – Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor –

    • Immediate Past President

      Eric Bradley
      – Oasis Marinas –
    • Mike Bonicker
      – Tidewater Yacht Service Center –
    • Patrick Callahan
      – Worton Creek Marina –
    • Chris Charbonneau
      – SpinSheet & PropTalk Magazine –
    • Jay Dayton
      – Avon Dixon Agency –
    • Tim Dowling
      – Coastal Properties Management –
    • George Dunigan
      – Pettit Paint –
    • Larry Elias
      – Elias Environmental Solutions, Inc. –

    • Erin Houpt
      – Dream Yacht Charters –
    • Paul Jacobs
      – United States Yacht Shows –
    • David Kolb
      – Henry Murray Agency –
    • Marco LeGette
      – Snag-A-Slip –
    • Jeff Leitch
      – Bay Shore Marine –
    • Lauren Mahoney
      – Annapolis Yacht Sales –
    • Steve Pitman
      -West Marine Pro –
    • Mike Montgomery
      – Port Annapolis Marina –
    • Dirk Schwenk
      – BayLaw LLC –
    • Ted Ruegg
      – Bonnier Marine Group –
    • Jane Tayman
      – Trident Funding Corp. –
    • JJ Williams
      – Osprey Composites –

Lastest News

  • Isobutanol Update for 2018

    MTAM continues to work on bringing Isobutanol to Maryland as a substitute for ethanol. Better for your boat. Better for the environment.

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  • Legislation and Advocacy

    We are working to monitor bills during the Maryland Session that may impact your business. Click read more to see a current list of bills we are watching.  Check back weekly for an update.

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  • The Marine Trades Industry ...

    We are pleased to report that we have been fully funded our summer internships, incumbent worker training, partner training and in addition, this year we will be expanding the skills gap study to better identify the jobs and growth trends within our industry.

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